It is not until early 1970s that Airlines started offering inflight entertainment system (IFE) to their customers. At that time, the only IFE function was to play music no matter how long the flight was. Even though Airlines had limited IFE functions and there were not many Airlines around the world at that time, our company founder, David Huang, still believed in airline industry and created Long Prosper Enterprise to service this incredible industry. Because our founder’s early entry into this industry, David was also one of founding members in the IFE industry association then called WAEA, which is now called APEX.
Since established, Long Prosper Enterprise has earned its reputation among airlines via its quality products, timely services, and competitive pricing. One of the reasons why Long Prosper Enterprise is able to satisfy tough demands from airlines is that our factory is set up based on the principle that we are able to manufacture all the critical parts ourselves and develop our exclusive know-how in our processes. Because of our highly vertical integration in manufacturing, Long Prosper Enterprise is able to cope with various demands from its customers in a timely manner and has a very competitive cost structure.
In 1993, Long Prosper Enterprise made its first major investment to develop its first Noise Cancellation headphones tailored for Airlines. Because of this development, Long Prosper Enterprise was able to establish itself as a premium headphone supplier in the industry and considered by many Airlines and IFE system providers as a standard in the airline industry.
In 1997, Long Prosper Enterprise was awarded ISO-9001 and in 2003 Long Prosper Enterprise was awarded ISO-9002. By being certified with ISO standard, Long Prosper Enterprise was able to establish its quality control process and ensure our product quality meets international standard.
In 2005, Long Prosper Enterprise decided to explore more commercial opportunities and established a R&D department in North America. By having this R&D capability, Long Prosper Enterprise was able to work with many premium consumer brands and various latest technologies.
In 2006, Long Prosper Enterprise made an investment to acquire fully automated Surface Mount Technology (SMT) equipment from Samsung, which enabled us to manufacture more advanced and better quality products.
With years of effort, Long Prosper Enterprise has earned a strong customer base in the airline industry and several key consumer brand accounts. Long Prosper Enterprise has established its name and brand in the industry. However, this does not stop us and we continuously look for ways to improve ourselves.
In 2012, Long Prosper Enterprise consolidated its R&D branch and moved it to China. With this step, it enabled us to provide faster product prototyping and access to newer material.
In 2013, Long Prosper Enterprise initiated an internal major project called “Project Scorpion” and our goal was to automate our manufacturing processes by at least 50% to 80% by the end of 2015. Long Prosper Enterprise also partnered with a Switzerland company, Soundchip, which develops revolutionary wearable sound solutions for the worlds’ premium brands. With this partnership, it enabled Long Prosper Enterprise to create performance differentiated wearable products.
In 2015, Long Prosper Enterprise initiated another internal project called “Rebirth” and our goal is to re-brand Long Prosper Enterprise to its customers. This will allows us to show our customers all the changes and upgrades we have made. More importantly, this allows us to tell our customers that Long Prosper Enterprise is not only ready but also we are ready to lead in the industry.
We believe that our future is bright at Long Prosper Enterprise. With our qualified management team and manufacturing capabilities, we believe that we have equipped all the necessary tools to cope with all the challenges coming to our ways.
We will continuously improve and explore all the possibilities.
Our culture is simple.
We strive to provide quality products at the lowest cost and want to be a long term business partner with our customers.