Active Noise Cancellation headset
Long Prosper Enterprise has developed the most cost effective active noise cancellation solution for its customers and we have shipped millions of our own ANC headsets around the world. With our years of experience, our ANC solution can effectively cancel around 80% of ambient noise without compromising sound quality.
In 2015, we also work with Soundchips to provide next generation ANC headset. It can effectively cancel 99% of ambient noise as well as providing the best sound quality you can find in current ANC headset market. Combined with variously DSP algorithm and current smart wearable device technology, you can immerse yourself with great listening experience no matter where you are.
Wireless headset
Long Prosper Enterprise has experienced with various wireless technologies such as IR, RF, and Bluetooth. We also have experience tuning our headphones to meet our customers’ demanding sound quality. We have also worked with several well known portable battery suppliers to provide customized battery design so that our customers can enjoy their wireless headsets without having to charge it all the time.
Long Prosper Enterprise has been manufacturing various sizes of earphones for its customers. We also have expertise to make small size drivers with consistent throughput and stable sound quality.
Gaming headset
Long Prosper Enterprise has been working with various brands in both North America and Europe to develop most trendy gaming headsets. With a very strong understanding of different types of gaming, we have successfully developed gaming headsets suitable for FPS or real-time strategy. We also understand the importance of communication when gamers are in the heat of competition. We have also experienced working with Dolby and SRS solutions to provide 5.1 or 7.1 channels listening experience when you need to enjoy a great TV show or movie.
Long Prosper Enterprise has been making various stereo headphones for many well known brand customers in many different sizes and product finishing. We are not only aware of trendy design, but we also know what new material we should use for our customers. Combined with our in-house speaker tuning process, we are confident that we can meet the requirement our customers need in their trendy headphones.